Truth is,

if you want to excel professionally and remain relevant in your field, you need solid qualifications under your belt. But this no longer must mean two years hunched over books in a dim-lit university building. Or paying $200,000 for MBA courses at formal institutions.

The digital revolution constantly changes the way we live, work, and study, and online education is a rapidly growing field. Here, instructors aim to deliver the best of quality in the shortest time frame, and at a competitive price. And students like what they receive because they end up controlling all aspects of their training. They are working at a pace that suits their needs, receiving tailored support from instructors when they need it. And are part of an active online community.

This is why, we decided to work extra hard and collaborate with multimillion-dollar company CEO Valentina Bogdanova, to compile for all of you, business keen beans, the MBA in a Box course!

MBA in a Box is an all-in-one course, which provides you with a complete business education. We cover Business Strategy, Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Decision Making & Negotiation.

Why MBA in a Box?

MBA in a Box is a program that wraps up the lessons delivered to full-time MBA students over 12 months into a to-the-point 9-hour course.

It focuses on a range of core business, management and leadership disciplines, and integrates these courses to give you the necessary business acumen to start a successful venture, carry out incisive analysis, and have strategic leadership.

Why do you need MBA courses?

Well, if you want to secure better Salary/Income in your managerial role, you need business knowledge. It is not a coincidence that MBA graduates earn 40% more than their peers. They have the skills and knowledge that allows them to see the bigger picture, as well as an inkling about what makes a business succeed, and what it takes to improve its performance.

On the other hand, if you are still not holding a managerial position, being proactive and having the know-how to back your ideas is the way to go. Students who take MBA courses acquire valuable technical skills, which makes them the leading candidates for senior roles within corporations.

And if you want a professional position that’s dynamic and challenging (sometimes even stressful), MBA students have a shot at jobs where they are faced with tons of challenges every day.

It’s up to you

Although there are other courses on the market to choose from, MBA in a Box is special. It has solid credibility, our 6-month non-stop hard work, excellent support (365 Careers guaranteed 😉), and our awesomely crafted gamebook which makes you start up a business from scratch and spearhead all the important decisions. And the making of which was so much fun.

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