A career in finance is something many people desire, and qualifications and certifications are an important part of this career path. The reality though is that not everyone has time for years of study in university setting, nor can everyone afford to pay six-figure fees for formal education.

The internet has changed society in many ways, and contemporary educational technologies allow millions of people to pursue education, for a more competitive price and done in a more convenient setting, without compromising on quality. They allow everyone to gain new knowledge and skills at their own pace, while relying on experienced and qualified instructors when they need a hand.

So, we’re thrilled to launch a new site dedicated to finance and financial analysis, named 365 Financial Analyst!

365 Financial Analyst provides an integrated program to prepare you for a finance career, consisting of 9 mandatory courses and a minimum of 12 electives. In our easily digestible and carefully designed courses, we cover areas such as Business Analysis and Strategy, Economics, Accounting, Trading and Investing, Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling and many others.

Why 365 Financial Analyst?

We offer a complete curriculum that will prepare you for a successful career in finance – as a financial analyst, asset manager, investment banker, equity analyst, accountant, business analyst and many other finance jobs that are in high demand right now.

We also provide exam prep for Chartered Financial Analyst ® certification — one of the highest globally recognized distinctions you can get in finance, which can boost your credentials, help you land your dream job and make you a part of global network of certified finance professionals.

365 Financial Analyst’s curriculum includes a wide selection of courses that can help you improve your skills in corporate finance, valuation, credit analysis, statistics, office productivity, and even in innovative areas such as fintech.

We have worked hard to prepare a large hub of resources that will help you gain financial knowledge, plus lots of practice lessons, tests and quizzes, as well a set of explainer videos to help you get a taste of the teaching style of our instructors, tutorials on practical topics, career-related and interview preparation tips and tricks, and lots of other useful stuff.

Some of our graduates already have sterling careers in world-famous companies such as PwC, Citibank or PayPal. And we help more and more people to follow their dream in pursuing career in finance every day!

Acquire the skills finance employers are looking for, and start your path to becoming a finance professional with 365 Financial Analyst!