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Tailor-made courses for your organization

We offer customized e-learning solutions to our corporate partners. With over 1,000,000 users and a portfolio of over 60 courses in business, finance, data science, business intelligence, management, marketing, and office productivity, among other areas, we have a proven track record and leading market position in online education. We are ready to leverage our expertise and resources to produce tailor-made training programs for business clients. Such solutions can be within the scope of our existing subject matters or new ones depending on the client’s needs. They can be delivered as white-label, co-branded or other formats upon request. Please get in touch to discuss your specific corporate projects and requirements. 80% of Fortune 100 companies are already enjoying our courses. Order a course

How does it work?


Our areas of expertise include:
  • Office Productivity (MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, OneNote)
  • Business and Finance Management (Corporate Finance, Accounting, Quantitative Finance, Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Marketing, etc.), Product Management, Project Management, Marketing, Management, HR Management
  • Applied Data Science with Python, R and other programming languages, Business Analytics​
  • Fintech / Blockchain and other new technologies

That said, we can deploy resources and produce content in other areas upon request.

Why order a course that is tailored for your organization?

Here are examples of company-specific projects we can help with.
  • Brand training
  • Firm-specific finance training (get new hires up to speed quickly)
  • Provide clarity/guidance when introducing new systems
  • Prepare induction training
  • Any other occasion that involves teaching a company-specific topic to a group of employees in a scalable and cost-efficient way

Can you produce white-label customized courses?

Yes, we can.
We are able to do this in various formats and at the highest professional standards as per your requirements.
3/4 Big 4 firms 80/100Fortune 100 firms #1for UFB

In 2019, our team won Udemy’s B2B award.

‘B2B Customer Success’ is presented to
instructors creating materials favored by
corporate clients.