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Earn passive income and help students learn in their mother tongue

We are excited to offer you an interesting opportunity. 365 Careers is in the process of sourcing a network of course adaptation partners. Our goal is to reach an even broader audience of people by adapting our best-selling business, finance, and data science courses in different languages. Some of the languages we are currently interested in are:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian

How it works

It isn’t a must, but is desirable. It would certainly help you translate the text and do the work much quicker.

We would sign a profit-sharing agreement with you.

Once you adapt one of our courses, we will be partners. This means that you will be entitled to a portion of the revenue of the adapted version of the course. We would love to share more details, if you get in touch with us.

It involves translating and providing voiceover for our existing courses in English. The process is very easy and streamlined.

At some point, we will be. However, for now, we would like to concentrate on the languages listed above due to their popularity around the world. Thanks for your understanding!

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