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Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis

May 07, 2020

Statistics is the driving force in any quantitative career. It is the fundamental skill data scientists need to be able to understand and design statistical tests and analyses performed by modern software packages and programming languages. In this course, we start from the very basics of statistics and gradually build up your statistical thinking, enabling you to understand the more complex analyses carried out later in the program.

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Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis: Complete Training

Working with data is an essential part of maintaining a healthy business. This course will introduce you to the field […]

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Accounting Made Easy: A Quick Guide to Financial Accounting

Accounting Made Easy: A Quick Guide To Financial Accounting will help you understand basic accounting concepts and offer extra practice […]

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Finance 101: Financial Skills for the Real World

In this course, we will start from the very basics. The lessons are suitable for those of you who have […]

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Financial Planning and Analysis

The training starts with the very basics of forecasting and financial planning. It gradually teaches you about forecasting and budgeting, […]

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Texas Instruments BA II Financial Calculator for CFA and FRM

In this video series, we describe how to use the different functions of the Texas Instruments BA 2 Plus calculator. […]

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The CFA Level 1 Bootcamp: CFA 2020 (Part 1/2)

Become a CFA Charterholder – one of the most reputed professional designations in the finance world. This Bootcamp has been […]

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The Complete Finance Manager Course 2020

This is a comprehensive training program. We cover several topics that are essential for people who want to specialize in […]

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The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020

A comprehensive training that puts you on the fast track to a financial analyst career. The course covers several essential […]

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The Complete Investment Banking Course

One of the most popular career paths in the world of finance. High base salaries, even higher bonuses at year-end, […]

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The Corporate Finance Course 2020

This course is a fantastic training opportunity that could help you win job interviews, excel on the job, and get […]

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The Macroeconomics Course 2020

Macroeconomics explores the scope and behavior of the economy as a whole. If you can’t wait to learn how countries […]

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