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Next live session: Professional formatting in Excel

Date: 19 September 2018 1:00PM Eastern Time

Supercharge your work with these excel techniques

This is our third Facebook Live session, hooray! (we made it to 3!) We are in this for the long run. The main focus will continue to be Excel (for now). This time, however, we will discuss and show in practice how to format Excel spreadsheets professionally. If someone has ever told you that you need to improve your output, then this session is a definite must-see for you.

How it works

No. You don’t. We start the whole learning process from scratch. We explain everything step-by-step. This makes us different from other course providers.

Of course you can!

We have created our career tracks to offer a structured approach that would allow you to acquire the skills needed for a particular profession. At the same time, we realize people have different starting points and some of you may want to skip certain courses offered in a given career track.

It is entirely up to you!

We are always here for you. Post in Udemy Q&A or ask us through our Contact form available in the ‘About Us’ page of our website. Our policy is to respond within 2 business days (but most of the time much sooner…)

We do. In fact, we offer multiple certificates of completion.

Once you complete one of our courses on Udemy, you will receive a certificate of completion. And then, if you complete all courses in a Career Track shown on our website, you can contact us (through our ‘Contact Us’ form in the ‘About Us’ page here) and ask for your custom Career Track certificate of completion, which will show the courses you have completed and the skills you acquired.

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